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Reliable Oil and Fuel Delivery Guided by Technology

Lard Oil’s fleet uses industry-leading technology to maximize its fuel delivery capability to better serve our customers. We use SkyBitz technology to track every step of the delivery process. The SkyBitz system allows customers to measure each drop of product purchased from Lard Oil, down to one-tenth of a gallon. With SkyBitz, the delivery can be divided into a four-step process:

acm transportation logo on the door of a lard oil company truck

SkyBitz automated monitor sends an order

Our team will install a monitor on your bulk tank that manages your inventory level and alerts to your designated contact when fuel or oil level is low. This monitor also sends a notification to our system, alerting us that a tank requires delivery. An order is then initiated and sent through the SkyBitz system.

Driver confirms order

The order information is sent to a handheld device inside the delivery truck. The delivery driver sees exactly what product will be delivered and which tank needs the product. We are proud to offer a logistical operation that gives oversight and accountability.

Order delivered and accurately measured

Once at the site, the delivery driver scans a barcode on the customer’s tank to verify they have arrived at the correct location with the correct product. Once the order is verified, the SmartBitzsystem electronically activates the truck to pump the product into your tank accurately.

Invoice is sent

Once the transaction is complete, the SmartBitz system sends information back to our central office, so we can send accurate and timely invoices.

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Always Here for You

We have eight locations and a large fleet of trucks and vehicles designated for fuel delivery. Our company has ample resources to meet all of your needs, small or large. We deliver 24/7/365. Even after natural disasters and emergencies, we strive to keep your tanks filled. Our team understands that up-time on equipment is vital to your business’ bottom line. For this reason, we’ve partnered with ACM Transportation to manage our logistics operations to better serve our customers.